Hotel management: operating and leasing hotels

Management of hotels and hotel real estate in Austria

Alpenhaus acts as a professional and independent operator of hotels and hotel real estate in Austria for both, newly built projects and existing properties. We search for existing hotels, holiday hotels & resorts, city hotels and development opportunities for construction projects and we guarantee the management or lease aspect of the hotel business. Our competent team will find a tailor-made and efficient solution for every investment object, whether interim management, investment projects as well as successor affairs.

Alpenhaus currently manages three hotels in holiday regions in Salzburg with over 600 guest beds. All our objects are awarded by very high guest satisfaction, pro-active and modern marketing, high capacity and efficient cost structure, which yields very good economic results and a guarantees annual growth.

Your competent hotel tenant, partner for operating, managing and leasing hotels in Austria

We ensure a highly efficient and transparent hotel management through our own capacities:

  • Reservation department: reliable and cost efficient booking process at any time, cross-selling across the businesses
  • Administrative department: transparent and timely reporting as well as efficient management
  • Centralized purchase: ideal product group management to ensure the best buying conditions and price reduction
  • Centralized human resource: constant supervision, employment, training and development of the entire staff of all operations
  • Centralized sales and marketing: modern international marketing of all the businesses
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